An Introduction

I’ve been debating with myself the idea of starting a blog. My ambivalence is predicated on a few factors.

1 My authority:

I’m not an expert in any subject. I’m knowledgeable and able to educate, but will always be a pupil when viewed on a large scale. To be fair, this could be said of everyone, but I still find myself asking “What gives me the right?”

The answer? Nothing does and nothing will. I would have no more authority to speak on the on certain subjects if I had a Ph.D. It’s not like I’m practicing law here. I have respect for formal education. It has served me well, but it has in no way entitled me to express my thoughts, opinions, or musings.

2. My ambition:

It’s not my goal to become a recognized writer. My grammar and punctuation are lacking as is my sentence structure. At times it’s a struggle to get anything on paper, and yes, I still write everything out on paper before typing a first draft.

My goal is not to be a published author, paid blogger, or social media influencer creating sponsored posts endorsing diarrhea inducing “supplements” that won’t give you the shredded adonic body despite what DJ Khaled may tell you.

Ultimately, I just have things I want to say and an available platform.

3. My struggle for validation (or lack thereof):

In spite of my lack of aspirations to be a professional blogger, I do hope people appreciate what I write on some level. Nobody spends time creating something for it to be ignored.

I know many content creators whether they are artists, writers, or photographers that say they don’t care about views, likes, etc., but this is bullshit. It’s a defense mechanism people use so they don’t have to feel any sense of failure when nobody cares about what they make, and the truth is, when you start something—anything at all—nobody gives a shit. And you should give a shit that nobody gives a shit.

4. Everyone’s perceived voice being on a loudspeaker and the general fact they’re up their own asses:

This may be too descriptive, but I think it’s pretty clear. About 98% of the internet is made up of experts who only have invalid criticism to offer.

If you don’t believe me, watch any YouTube video and check the comments section.

So what is Go Forth?

I feel like it may be unfair to label it as a “lifestyle blog” although I’m not sure if it’s unfair to me or lifestyle bloggers. Partially due to the fact that the term sounds easily dismissable and shallow, but primarily because I’m not exactly sure what a lifestyle blog is.

I imagine one of the two things: 1) Someone—probably tan—who stages photos of themselves next to private jets, rented homes, and European sports cars they’ve leased for a day then posts them to social media with motivational quotes. Or, 2) A mother in her late 30s – early 40s who refers to herself as a “proud mommy” and calls her latest blog post about sweet potato baby food “awesome sauce.” Disclaimer: This is not a knock on proud mommies. Go ahead and do your thing, mommies, but realize sweet potato baby food as well as the use of the phrase “awesome sauce” is completely disgusting.

So call it what you want; a creative outlet, lifestyle blog, really bad self-help guide. I call it a personal project. Take away from that what you want.

A really, really bad self-help guide.

I’d like to share my projects, philosophies, fears, and beliefs. I’ll try to not get preachy or political, but no promises.

More to come.

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